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Luxury Restroom Trailers

You expect quality, demand comfort, and appreciate style, especially when hosting events. That's where luxury restroom trailers come into play. They're not your typical portable toilets; they're a fusion of convenience and class.

As you plan your outdoor gathering, whether it's a chic wedding or a sophisticated corporate event, you'll want facilities that match the occasion. A luxury portable restroom trailer offers just that, with their elegant interiors, climate control, and hotel-like amenities. You'll provide an unexpected touch of refinement for your guests, who'll enjoy the comfort of a fully functional and beautifully appointed restroom, complete with running water, flushable toilets, and tasteful decor.

It's a small detail that makes a big statement about your event's quality, showing you've thought of everything to ensure your guests' comfort and satisfaction.

Mini Restroom Trailer

Luxury Restroom Trailer Rentals

Luxury restroom trailer rentals elevate your event's facilities beyond the standard porta potty experience, offering amenities similar to high-end indoor restrooms. You'll find these trailers decked out with features that'll surprise and delight your guests.

They're not just restroom trailers; they're a statement of care and class. Inside, you're treated to climate control, ensuring comfort no matter the weather. The interiors boast stylish decor, flushing toilets, and running water - a stark contrast to the basic models. You've also got full-size mirrors and ample lighting, making freshening up a breeze.

When you opt for luxury, you're not just providing a facility; you're enhancing the overall experience.

2 Station 7’ X 5’ Restroom Trailer

porta potty inside
porta potty mirror sink
porta potty sink mirror
porta potty trailer inside

2 Station 10’ X 6’ 6" Restroom Trailer

luxury porta potty trailer sink
luxury porta potty trailer sink mirror
luxury porta potty trailer inside
luxury porta potty trailer toilet

Key Features and Amenities

As you step into luxury restroom trailers, you'll notice the upscale amenities that set it apart from standard portable toilets, including climate-controlled interiors, elegant lighting, and high-quality fixtures.

At Nature Calls, we offer two different trailer rentals:


2 Station 7’ X 5’ Restroom Trailer
  • 150 Gallon Waste Tank

  • Interior features a built-in floating vanity with white porcelain sink

  • Two toned white and gray walls with white chair molding

  • Chrome plated faucet

  • Flushable toilets

  • Vinyl Sheet Flooring 

  • Music amp with 2 speakers (Bluetooth and USB card)

  • Air condition and heating system

  • Vacant/ Occupied LED indicator (operated by timer)

  • *Water hookup for this unit is required

  • Accommodates approximately 50 to 100 guests


2 Station 10’ X 6’6” Restroom Trailer

  • 300 Gallon Waste Tank

  • Interior features a 36” built in vanity with white porcelain sink 

  • Two toned specialty marble and gray walls with white chair molding 

  • Chrome plated faucet 

  • Flushable toilets

  • Vinyl Sheet Flooring

  • Music amp with 2 speakers (Bluetooth and USB card)

  • Air condition and heating system 

  • Vacant/Occupied LED indicator (operated by timer)

  • *Water tank within unit (no water hookup is required)

  • Accommodates approximately 150 to 200 guests

Mini Restroom Trailer
Restroom Trailer Blueprint
Restroom Trailer Blueprint

These portable restrooms redefine what you expect from restroom trailers, providing:

Spacious Design: You're treated to ample interior space, which often includes separate stalls and urinals, ensuring privacy and comfort.

Functional Elegance: Soft music, beautiful countertops, and full-sized mirrors create a refined atmosphere.

Convenience at Its Best: Often equipped with hot and cold running water, flushable toilets, and even Wi-Fi, these trailers don't skimp on the conveniences you'd find in a permanent facility.

Each feature in a luxury restroom trailer is carefully considered to enhance your experience, making it as comfortable and accommodating as possible.

Benefits for Event Planners

For event planners, opting for restroom trailers means you'll provide guests with unmatched comfort and sophistication, streamlining the logistical side of event management. These trailers elevate the guest experience, making your event memorable for all the right reasons. You won't just meet expectations; you'll surpass them, setting a new standard for event amenities.

With portable bathroom trailer, you're also ensuring a hassle-free setup. They're delivered and serviced by professionals, which means you can focus on other aspects of the event. Plus, the built-in features like climate control and upscale interiors reflect positively on your attention to detail.

In essence, these trailers aren't just a convenience—they're a statement that you value your guests' comfort as much as the event itself.

Installation and Maintenance Considerations


When you're setting up a bathroom trailer, it's crucial to factor in both the location for installation and the ongoing maintenance requirements to ensure they remain in top condition.

Here are three key considerations:

Site Preparation: Ensure the site is level and accessible for both the delivery and servicing vehicles. You'll need a solid, stable surface to support the trailer's weight and to prevent any shifting or damage.

Utility Hookups: Verify the availability of water and power connections. Luxury trailers often require electricity for lighting and climate control, as well as water for sinks and toilets. You can request to have your luxury restroom trailer equipment with its own generator and source of water supply.


Regular Servicing: Schedule regular cleaning and restocking. This includes pumping out the waste tanks, cleaning the interior, and ensuring all amenities are fully functional and presentable for users.


Real-World Usage Examples


You'll often find luxury restroom trailers in use at high-end outdoor weddings, corporate retreats, and large-scale public events, providing guests with upscale amenities far beyond those of standard porta potties.

Imagine a black-tie gala under the stars, where attendees in elegant attire can refresh themselves in a posh environment that mirrors the quality of indoor facilities.

At golf tournaments, these trailers offer a reprieve from the sun with air-conditioned units that maintain a comfortable atmosphere.

Music festivals also upgrade their guest experience by deploying luxury trailers, ensuring a high level of hygiene and comfort for concert-goers.

Even at film sets, where days are long and locations remote, cast and crew can enjoy the comforts of home with these plush, restroom trailers.

Effortless Reservation and Complete Service


Securing your Luxury restroom trailer or porta potty rental is easy and hassle-free with Nature Calls. Operating across New York, we provide all-inclusive services that include delivery, maintenance, and collection. Our dedication to customer fulfillment guarantees that your portable toilet requirements are addressed with exceptional professionalism.

To learn more or to book your rental, please get in touch with us at 800-255-8664 Select Nature Calls Porta Potties for a sanitary, dependable, and affordable answer to your portable sanitation needs.

Luxury Restroom Trailer
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