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Hand Washing Station Rentals. Just As Important As Porta Potty Rentals

Hand Washing Stations

Dual-Sided Hand Washing Stations

All In One With Large Basin, Soap And Towel Dispensers

When you exit a porta potty, you need to wash your hands. So don’t forget to rent handwashing stations from Even if you are not renting portable potties, rent handwashing stations for wherever you want to prevent the spread of germs or just need a convenient place to wash your face and hands.

Porta Potties And Porta Sinks Go Hand In Hand.

Rent a portable hand washing station from Nature Calls. With increased requirements for additional sanitation stations and hand washing in general, we offer hand wash solutions with greater capacity to better serve customer’s needs. Our hand washing stations are more operator friendly. They hold liquid soap and have a paper towel dispenser.

Dual Sinks Means Shorter Wait After Using The Porta Potty.

The longer the line is to wash your hands, the more likely you won't wait. To cut the wait time in half and get more people washing their hands, we offer the dual-sided hand washing station. They contain a soap dispenser and a large basin that allow you to easily wash up to your forearm. When done washing, grab a towel from the easy to reach dispenser and be on your way with germ free hands.

Dual Sinks

Wherever Hands Can Get Dirty There Should Be A Hand Washing Station.

Hand washing stations are a very convenient and a cost effective way to stop the spread of germs or to just keep your hands clean without having to enter a home or an office to do so. We deliver, set up and service the hand washing station unit for you. We refill the water, soap, and paper towel dispenser so that it's always ready when needed.

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