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Porta Potty With Fresh Flush Rentals

The Fresh Flush Porta Potty is suitable for all types of events, work places or anywhere a portable toilet is needed. Nature Calls will deliver, maintain and pick up porta potties for short or long term use. 

Fresh Flush Porta Potty

Modern Design With Heavy Duty Construction

Fresh Flush Porta Potty
Flushable Porta Potty

More Features Of The Fresh Flush Porta Potty: 

  • Self-closing door

  • Toilet seat and cover

  • Ambidextrous door pull

  • Low splash urinal

  • Easy to grip hover handle

  • Coat hook

  • 2 toilet paper rolls

  • Floor Flush

  • Hand Washing Sink

  • Foaming Soap

  • Paper Towels

  • Hand Sanitizer

Features Of Our Fresh Flush Porta Potty Rentals.

For the users convenience and added sanitary protection, the Fresh Flush Porta Potty features a floor mounted flush pedal. To make sure you leave the porta potty clean, there is a built in sink to wash your hands with foaming soap, dry them with paper towels and even rub on a little sanitizer if you like.

Porta Potty Floor
Porta Potty Sink

The Importance Of Our Fresh Flush Porta Potty Rentals.

Porta Potty Worker

Rent Fresh Flush Porta Potties for all who work, stroll or play outside. It's important for workers, guests or kids to have a clean restroom to use when nature calls. We deliver sanitized and smelling fresh porta potties and then schedule a pick up. Expect personalized customer service from the top supplier of porta potties on Long Island; Nature Calls.

Get Clean Porta Potties That Are Kept Clean.

Our porta potty rentals are cleaned and disinfected before they are delivered to you. But they are also maintained throughout your rental period. The amount of scheduled maintenance your porta potties will need is based on the length and estimated use of your rental.

Contact Nature Calls For More On Fresh Flush Porta Potty Rentals.
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